Horia Rosca’s paintings are simple,direct and animated by swift movements and rhythms with a vitality that highlights his artistic spirit. The paintings are comprehensive even if the style is presented as expressionist.They are dynamic, full of passion and they breathe freshness and intricacy at first glance.

The patterns in the painting are carefully chosen from our day to day reality, from nature to human routine: expressive portraits, landscapes, inanimate objects and especially compositions that the artist presents as real life interactions with life of the city, musicians, carnavals and harlequins.

An original color palette that has tones which dont shock but are still full of life and in perfect harmony with the scene and subject, chromatic harmony as he describes it which is the signature of his artistic expression.

It is with the swiftness and freedom of movement that Horia Rosca’s paintings become lively and remarquable. These swift yet precise movements offer the artist the possibility to create such expressive works of art.

The artist’s virtue resides in the fact that his paintings push him to explore further and further for new forms of artistic expression.Even if the style is figurative , the paintings also offer a subtle “lyrical abstraction” form that is present in almost any of his paintings.

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